So I have had a water butt installed in the alleyway outside my flat.  YEAH ! Pete the scientists, came around with the butt, two buckets of tools, some bits of tipping and a hammer with a pink handle. He arrive in the afternoon and by tea time it was all working and ready to start collecting rain.   I found myself once again willing it to rain, which I know is a stupid thing to do in this country as I am fully aware we will be getting lots of rain over the next 6 months.  

The process was pretty simple, find the down pipe that collects the run off from my roof, cut a bit out of it and attach a funky new bit that funnels the rain into the water butt.  What I also learn was that this funky new bit does two things - It funnels the rain water into the water butt, but it also funnels it back down the drain pipe when the water butt gets full so there is no leaking of over flowing going on. Perfect.  I was glad about this as I was starting to panic about how I was going to use 250 litres of rain water after we had a good old day or two of rain.  I don’thave a garden and I don't go to the toilet that much.  

Cutting through the down pipe was the hard bit, as I live in an old building a lot of the plumping is, from another era.  I thought drain pipes would all be made out of plastic, easy to cut through.  But no, my down pipe is made of thick metal. This meant it was hard to cut through and took about 45mins.  Thankfully we with got some help from my housemate Jonny and also Simon, who had kindly agreed to film us installing the butt and found himself being put to work! It was a lot of fun and I think we all felt a sense of achievement once it was done.  It also gave our guns a good work out.  Even thought my down pipe was a bit of a mare to cut through all in all this was a really simple process, which made me think that every house should have a water butt.  

I really enjoyed the conversations that happened whilst we were working together, Pete knows a silly amount about this rain water business and it was a chance for me to ask him questions and talk about things all water related.   There is something quite magical that happens when art and science collide, for me it makes both subjects make more sense.  I am really enjoying this chance to enhance my science knowledge, even if it is still the simple stuff, learning is always inspiring.