The last week it has rained a couple of times really hard and my water butt is full to the top ! This means I have 250 litres of rain water sitting outside my house.  That feels like a huge amount to get through ! This evening, I empty out 8 litres into my flushing bucket ready for tomorrow.  Which felt good I was making a dent, only 242 litres left ! I hope it holds off raining for a day or two.  

It did mean though that after cooking and doing my washing up, I had grey water that, well I didn’t need to use as flushing water.  This made me feel really strange, could I throw my grey water away ?  Just pour it down the sink ?  It was getting late and I was feeling tired, I didn’t have a spare bucket to put it in, and I had use it to wash up in, it wasn’t like I was throwing clean drinking water away.   So against my new found habits, I tipped the washing up blow over and let all the grey water flow down the drain in to the pipes to join the water works.   I feel like I have too much water now, need to think of ways to use up all my rain water - I only have four plants ! 

Also today I used my quota of 15 litres, this hasn’t happen yet outside of my laundry days, so I was excited when my spread sheet said 15 in the totals box.  It also made me think about my life.  I am getting excited about rain and maths, never thought that would happen.  

Pete is out in California at the moment, at some kind of a conference about water, with other engineers sharing info about how we can better look after our water resources.  I am looking forward to catching up with him about what he has learnt, I’ll make sure I record it, or maybe even get him to write a post about it ?