A lot of people have ask me 'why are you doing this ?' And this is the best question, because it makes me think, yeah why am I doing this ?  For me there are two personal reasons why. One, I want to use my experience doing this challenge to inspire a show that will have a focus on environmental issues.  I think to make a show like this, especially one that captures the audiences imaginations and encourages them to think, or even to change their behaviour I have to be able to speak from a place of authenticity.  The phase, actions speak louder than words has been my mini mantra for a few years, so this challenge is part of that mantra becoming a reality and not just an idealistic phase that sits in my thoughts as an aspiration.   The second reason is link closely to this ‘mantra’ I want to take back some of the feelings I have around the real threat of climate change.  I am tired of feeling like I can’t do anything about it, that the world is screwed already and we have missed the tipping point of no return.  This maybe true and my actions may not have any direct effect on the future of this planet, but I want to know that when I leave this place I tried my hardest to live in a way that didn't disrespect and destroy the beauty and abundance of my home.   But I guess these are also answer that you’d expect from a Green voting middle class, child of parents from the 60’s.  So for some really hard facts and evidence of WHY changing our behaviour around water, there are some useful links below (which I hope will start you on your own journey into gaining more knowledge about water).  The links should give you a better and wider context to the urgency of the water crisis we could/are facing today and WHY I would encourage you, as an individual to take some actions towards using less water in your daily routines, click HERE for some tips.  I think it is imperative for us as a race to reclaim the power we have to make a difference and not be discourage by the vastness of the climate change ‘problem’. We need to see it as an opportunity to use our creativity and inventiveness to adapt and change to a more planet friendly way of living.  Actions speak louder than words. 

Ok facts and figures for the realists out there, without whom I’d be living on a cloud choking to death on my non oxygenated ideas. 


Useful links // things you should know about water and WHY it is so important to cherish this precious life giving and sustaining liquid.  

Also please add any links you find in the comments box I always want to know more ! 

Some general info on water consumption 





Films/Documentaries/Visual info

http://www.carbonvisuals.com/projects/sw-water (southwest water) 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjSUg6JsLYw (USA) 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHWqLrMI_iI (2008)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBSI6Du2yhk (2006)