THE CHALLENGE – Existing on 15 litres of water / day.


“Demonstrate that society has become disconnected with the water that we consume through living on 10% of a typical UK consumer’s water requirements.”


  • Start on 1 September 2015 and end on 1st of September 2016; saving water for a year.


1 - Chloe must live on 15 litres of drinking water (or less) each day. This includes mains water supplies and bottled water.

2 -  “Other liquid” can be drunk each day – e.g. juices, sodas, beer, wine etc. but these must be recorded and count towards the 15 litre total.

3 - Chloe is allowed to supplement water from other resources as she wishes. e.g. rain water, grey water or wet wipes for quick 'showers'. 

4 - Over the year new resource will be investigated and its applicability will be discussed on the blog / video.

5 - Following this “research” Chloe will be entitled to utilise the newly investigated resource as well as her 15 litres. (e.g. the task gets easier as Chloe becomes more water savvy). E.g. During September we learn about rainwater reuse – and on October 1st we implement a system to enable Chloe to use this.

6 - Chloe must record actual water usage each day and specify what was used for what. This record should be entered straight into a database or excel spreadsheet for ease of analysis.

7 - Water can be accrued within a week. i.e. if you use 50litres between Monday and Saturday, you can use the remaining 55litres on Sunday. 

8 - All alternative water resources should be deemed hazardous to health and caution must be taken in how these water resources are used and interacted with. Rainwater (rain caught from a roof), Greywater (water recovered from a shower outlet, bath outlet or sink outlet), river water, groundwater, desalination water etc all have potential health risks associated with them as they may contain bacteria, or other harmful contaminants. They should never be ingested.