So I am coming to the end of my 3rd week of the 15 litre water challenge.  And to reflect a little, it has actually been really easy so far.   I feel like I am able to cope remarkably well with out the choice of a constant flow of clean water.  I am drinking more which is a good thing, I do my best to get through my 2 litres a day although sometimes I don’t manage it, it’s hard to drink that much, especially when you have been drinking tea and other drinks in the day.  Tea/wine/other drinks by the way are also included in my daily allowance, hasn’t stopped me having a few cocktails on a Friday night.

There were a couple of days last week that were a little challenging.  For work I travelled to Gloucester as we are doing some research for our Theatre Rush show ‘The Lost Tales of Gloucester’. This was the first time I had been away from home whilst doing my water thing, luckily I was with Katie who was super helpful.  Katie and I co-funded Theatre Rush together and she is a wonderfully supportive person the work with.  She proved this even more over the two days we were away, there’s not many people who I could trust to do this kind of thing for me.  But Katie, she went into the bathroom after me and flushed, no matter if it was a number 1 or 2, true friend.  We’d arranged to time it so she would tell me she needed to go and I would slip in before her, then she’d go and flush it all down together.   On two occasion this technique felt a bit like we were on some kind of secret mission, when we were in the hotel it was fine, but on these two particular occasion we were meeting with people in their village halls.  Not a place you want to leave, let’s say a ‘present’ for someone in the loo.  I definitely felt a little embarrassed about leaving it there, and got a little cold sweat thinking about one of the lovely old ladies walking in to find it, luckily Katie was on the case, I did’t even notice her slip in after me and flush it all away, mission accomplished.    

These couple of days made me think how far I am going and will I be able to stick it out.  I am not going to be at home for the whole year I will be on tour with the show, visiting family at Christmas going away for my Birthday etc…How will I cope in these situations without Katie ?  We’ll she had a suggestion, I need to find a some kind of contain I can carry around with me (empty of course) and then fill it up to flush when I need to.   Good idea, so my hunt for a contain that folds away nicely but can carry at least 2 litres begins - anything suggestions welcome !