Today I started living on 15 litres of water a day for one year, it feels like an epic challenge.  The night before I had marked all the bottles in litres, so I could measure how much water I used and to make sure I didn’t go over.  This morning when I woke up I had that, first day of school feeling.  Like I was going to the be the only new one who didn’t know the ropes.  I was right in both of those things, I was the only one doing this and I have yet to get hold of the ropes, the good thing is I don’t have to make friends at the same time ! 

My first water usage breakfast, a smoothie. Which only used like 0.30 litres of water.  The tap was dripping, so I put a pan under it to collect for some washing up water.  Then I filled a 2 litre bottle of water to take to work with me, as my drinking water.  Although I didn’t managed to drink it all, I used some of it the scrub the floor, (we are under going a refurbishment at the theatre I was cleaning the floors, but gave up once I knew I could do it due to my water situation) make a 100ml bottle of anti-bac hand spray and to make a cup of tea with.  I did all that with 2 litres, what !? I didn’t flush, any toilets but had the fear overtime I realised my have was reaching for the flush without me realising, this happened twice ! 

I think this will be one of the hardest things to control, by physical habits.  I have to admit I turned a tap on twice for half a second, due to this habitual montion.  Not cool I know, don’t worry I will be taking 0.5 litres out of tomorrows usage as punishment.  

My shower was underwhelming and cold.  I had the great idea of getting a sponge and standing in a bucket with my 3 litres in the bottom.  My feet were really hot but the rest of me was not.  Need to replay how I am to shower, because in the winter months I just won’t, if it means I get a cold every time I clean myself.   

My friend Carla suggested I made my own hand sanitiser, which I did. 

I used Tea Tree oil is anti bacterial and Lavender is anti - viral put them together and got a lethal anti everything hand spray, that doesn’t have loads of horrible smelling chemicals in it - BOOM ! So my hand definitely wont smell, or get me ill.   

That was pretty much my first day on the 15 litre life style, I didn’t use all 15 litres and I managed to eat, drink wash and be merry.  Maybe this isn’t going to be that hard after all.