Hello, sorry for the blog silence.  This is possibly the hardest thing about the 15 litre water challenge, finding time to write this blog ! 

Ok, ok, enough complaining - so there is lots that has happened and i’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet.  

Christmas - So if you read my last blog, you might recall that I wanted a bath for Christmas.  You’ll be please to know that I got one. In fact, I got two !   

But how ? 

Where they just REALLY shallow ones ? 


Heated up rain water ? 


You took a break from the challenge cus it was Christmas ? 

Nope, it was grey water.  Both times. 

Grey water ?! Gross. 

Well, you may think so, but thanks to my Mum’s clever thinking (I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it already) I was able to have 20mins to myself in a bath of warm to lukewarm water.   My Mum had a bath and then, as soon as she got out I jumped straight in, a bit like the in the good old days.  There are stories about whole families sharing a bath once a week, back in the day right ?  I know that when I was really little I'd share my baths with my siblings but it seems that once you have reached a certain age sharing bath water, isn’t the done thing.   I think it’s this, which is making me feel a little embarrassed about telling this story. I have a feeling some people might think that it’s dirty or just a step too far in the challenge to save water.  And maybe it is, but if it's between not having a bath until the 2nd of Sept and feeling embarrass, well I choose the latter every time.  

2016 -  New Years came and went and I managed to stay within my water consumption allowance, I only drank half a bottle of Prosecco. 

Me and Pete (the scientists) met up in early Jan and had lunch, he also gave me a water meter so I could measure exactly how much my washing machine used.  Laundry has  been one of the harder parts of this challenged.  I found out from the manual for the washing machine it used 63 litres, for a half load on a cotton cycle at 40.  This was more than half of my weekly usage so it meant I had to do quite a lot of saving in the week, if I wanted to do any washing.  I attached the meter Pete lent me and it turns out that my 30mins wash on a 30 uses 43 litres.  This is much better than I had expected.  I also had a lot of fun measuring the water, Pete would be proud of my ‘field research'...Next up, fixing a pump to my water butt, so it can feed rain water straight to my toilet cistern so I can start flushing again !    

Something else that happened,  I turned 30 and went to Berlin with some friends to celebrate.  We saw the sights, ate good food, had our picture taken by the Berlin wall, I got a tattoo and also flushed the toilet where we were staying more than I wanted too.  

That’s it for now, I promise I wont take so long to write the next blog !