Showers.  Yes I am having them.  This is a joke that has come up quite a few times after I explain to someone what I am doing, they usually reply ‘Well you still smell ok to me!”  

Truth is I never really liked having showers, I don’t know why I was always more of a bath person.  But recently, well actually since doing the 15 litre challenge I have come to love my time in the shower, all 3 minutes of it.  I started off just having 2min showers as I was less confident about how much water I was going to get through in a week, but now I even sometimes have a 4min shower (as recommended to me by Southwest Water!).  I stand in a purple trugg bucket so I can catch the water to use for flushing my toilet, I have a timer on my phone which I press at the exact same time as I turn on my shower, then when the buzzer goes off so does the shower.   The 3min shower uses 10.5 litres of water each time, so I tend to have a shower every 2/3 days.  

Now, as you might have seen I have short hair, so obviously I have less to wash than a lot of people.  Still I think that you can enjoy a 3/4min shower even if you have hair down to your bum.  It’s about time management and prioritising.  Once the shower is on, unless you are brave, I am not, the first 10-20 seconds are wasted waiting for the water to heat up, then it’s straight in -  feet get the pleasure of the cold water from the first 10 secs - the rest of the body is pleasantly surprised by the heat after the cold air of the bathroom.  Then it’s shower gel in hand and washing/rinsing commences, this takes approx. 2mins, then there is a cool 60/50 seconds to enjoy the feeling of sprinkling water hitting your skin, this is when I take a moment to day dream.  

I remember the first shower I had back in September, in the first week of the challenge.  When I got out I was so conscious of all the water still left on my body, the little beads of water stuck to my skin like shiny glitter.  I wanted to try an save them, it felt like a waste to mop them up with my towel.  I must have stood there for a good minute thinking about it before my body got too cold and I had to wrap myself up in my towel. 

I still think about them now, the minute amounts of water that we take for granted, that help us not only to be clean and happy but to function and stay alive.  

What’s the art ? The art is, like with so many things, get the washing out of the way first, then you can enjoy doing nothing for a few moments.  Believe me, the last seconds will feel like minutes when you are waiting for a timer to go off.   

Have a 3min shower, I dare you ! (If you have a 5min shower I’d be impressed).  Let me know how you get on via twitter or on the FaceBook page.