It’s raining it’s pouring....My water butt is filling up! 

Secretly (or maybe not so) I am glad it is still raining, means my water butt stays nice and full for my flushing.   But I haven't been very good at getting through the 250 litres of water that gets collected weekly and I was beginning to feel bad it was just sitting there not being used.  So I invited/made my house mates and guests use the rain water to flush too.  All have been excellent at using it.  The guests that have stayed recently have use the water pump to flush the toilet, which I am really happy about.  I thought is was going to be a massive hassle for everyone and they’d resent (and slightly hate) me for asking them to use it, but as it stands they are all joining in with no complaints.  To me anyway. They are using my flush tally on the back of the door, used to mark down when they have flushed so I can see roughly how many litres gets used.  One of my house mates has, amusingly renamed the flush tally to our ‘pooh tally’ which, I guess is right.    .  All this flushing means the water butt got down to half empty, which hasn’t happened since I installed it back in Feb, that’s how exciting my world is folks ! 

I have to admit I have had a couple of moments when I have worried about it running out and having a little panic that I shouldn't have asked them to join in using it.  And one guest accidentally forgot to turn the pump off, while I was away, so a bunch of water was wasted.  When I first heard about this, via a text message, I got angry instantly.  Thats my f***ing rain water! How can they have been so irresponsible! Didn’t they know how precious it is! Then I reminded myself I didn’t own the rain water, it’s not mine. I calmed down and just felt sad that water had been wasted, but mistakes happen.  No point crying over spilt…rainwater.   It’s going to rain again, and the butt will be full again, no need to panic and get possessive. It’s not going to stop raining is it? I mean this IS England.  

I haven’t been using the rain water for anything else, just flushing.  I will probably start watering my plants with it and I have thought about boiling it and using it for cooking/tea drinking. But when I lift the lid there are lots of bits in it and I don’t dare drink it incase I get ill. Then I feel guilty, like I am not taking the challenge seriously enough.  I start to think about the millions of people who are living without clean water, and that the water in my water butt is probably relatively clean compared to the water they have access to.  That hurts my head and my heart and I wish I could rearrange the world so clean safe water was available for everyone, not just the privilege few. 

Having and using less water has made me more and more aware of my own privilege and luck.   And sometime I think does connivence contribute to privilege ? More time to, think, learn, work, socialise be creative.  Agh…these are some of the rabbit wholes I find my mind wondering down, as I am doing 15litres challenge.  One thing is for sure I have never felt so grateful that it rains so much here, (now that I can use it to flush my toilet).  So selfish.  Classic human. 

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