To demonstrate that society has become disconnected with the water we consume through, living on 10% of a typical UK consumer (10% of the national average for a week is 105litres). 


1 - You must live on 15 litres of potable water (drinking water) a day, or 105litres between Monday the 22nd and Sunday the 28th

2 - 'Other liquid' can be drunk each day, e.g. juices, sodas, beer, wine etc..but these must be recorded and count towards the 15 litre total. 

3 - You are allowed to supplement water from other sources as you wish, this won't count towards your 15 litre total.  E.g. rain water, grey water, river water etc... 

4 - You can keep a record of you actual water usage each day and specify what was used of what.  I'd recommend this record been keep as a spread sheet.  You can print this one I have made for ease. 

5 - Water can be accrued within a week i.e. if you use 50litres Monday - Saturday you can then use the remaining 55litres on Sunday. 

6 - If you work in an environment that needs you to use water e.g. cleaning/barmaid/cook.  You only need to count personal use. 

7 - All alternative water resources should be deemed hazardous to health and caution muct be taken in how these water resources are used and interacted with.  Rain, grey and river water all have potential health risks associated with them as they may contain bacteria, so just be careful.  

8 - Enjoy.