I have finished.  My year has come to an end.  I have that disappointing feeling, like when you wake up on your birthday morning a year older but you feel and look exactly the same.   And yet, you are different from a year ago, it’s just not obvious.  Unless you take time to think back over your year, and all those little events and some of those big events that took place. Some which feel like they happened yesterday and those that feel like they happened more than just a year ago.  

I feel that same slight disappointment but also that feeling of quiet happiness that on this day I get to congratulate myself of a year achieved.   

I can safely say, without a doubt in my mind my water consumption and obsession has changed.  My habitual rhythm of using less water feels second nature now and even on my first day of ‘freedom’ from the 15 litre water challenge, I won’t flush any toilet if I have just done a wee.  There is no way I am going back to having a shower each day, or even having one that last more than 4/5mins.  I just don’t need to, I have proved to myself that I can function perfectly well, be happy, clean and sociable living on less potable water a day.  I can feel it is in my body too.  Things that were a challenge at the being of the year are things I do now without thinking.  And the thought of being ‘able’ to flush the toilet even though I had just done a wee, seems like a foolish and reckless action to take.  Why waste 6 litres of water! There is a funny repulsion of this idea, that I can only attribute to a radical change in my thought patterns and habitual behaviour around how I use and engage with water.  I am hoping and wishing this urge, this mentality doesn’t leave me in the next few months.  I am conscious I could slip back in to the ease of social norms and pressures to use 150 litres of water a day, cus that’s what everyone else is doing. I guess time will tell.  

One thing I haven’t really talked about much (a small obsession that has grown over this year) is, embedded water.  The water that is used to make our clothes, technical devises get food onto our plates etc…Mainly because this is such a huge subject.  Water isn’t just the thing that keeps us physically alive, it’s what makes all of life as we know it possible.  Your phone, your pants, your burger, your house, your toothbrush, your cat, your family all this exists because of water.  It is our one constant, much like oxygen.  And it’s invisible. So, until this year I had forgotten or perhaps didn't even know of it's magic and to be honest I still don’t think I fully grasp it’s importance on my existence.  There is too much other noise, getting in the way for me to see the chain of events that so often connects me with this invisible water magic.  It’s hard to articulate. 

And so, as I finished this year I have the sense that what I have started is much bigger than just what I use daily.  I am also now thinking about the global challenges we are facing with deplenishing fresh water resources and the contamination of clean water sources through irresponsible manufacturing practices. Electricity, gas and oil we CAN live without, water we CAN NOT live without.  Obvious I know. 

Thank you for reading.  

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